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Introducing Kirsten

by Greg Hearn

The Financial Physicist Video Log

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Gday Greg Hearn the Financial Physicist is here today with Kirsten now most of you know Kirsten through email and phone calls but today I thought I’d introduce her so there you go Kirsten say hello hello so Kirsten’s worked for me for how long two and a half years or over two and a half years yeah she’s lasted amazing don’t let anyone laugh at that it’s not funny um uh now I didn’t tell her we’re going to do this today because we just had a catch-up lunch talk about a few things and because I reckon if I tell them we’re gonna do a video she wouldn’t have turned up so she has not done her hair and has got no makeup so you just and I haven’t either but you know I think my my hair is okay today so yeah um what’s been happening of course we’ve got the uh new Reserve Bank Governor coming um all right now she started in in her job Dr Phil’s gone Michelle’s in place um and she’ll have her first meeting Tuesday week so that will be interesting I don’t think that we much change she’s been here for something like 40 years for crying out loud she’s going to be very ingrained in the system so we’ll see um we are seeing at the moment interest rates they’re all over the shop to be honest we’ve got fixed rates going down we’ve got variable rates from some lenders going down we’ve got variable rates from some lenders going up it is all over the
shop one of the things that Kirsten does that um really take some time but it’s worthwhile she’s been doing reviews on files and how are you going with that what are we getting from from those reviews um good we’re getting small decreases in some cases sometimes not so good um but if you’ve been with your lender for a while then you know we can do a full review of where you’re at and see what options there are for you yep and so um the on the other side completely lost my train of thought um we sent out some emails this week to a few clients just asking to update some details so if you can get those back to us kids some lenders we can get really easy access to what your rate is but other lenders are just really painful you can spend 20 minutes half an hour 45 minutes on the phone just to get them to answer for one client and then you’ve got to hang up and ring back again it’s like as do you know when you’re in banks its painful and just as painful for us uh we are sitting at a cafe and that kid just screamed so if you’ve heard them sorry um uh so yeah so that’s that um the market’s still going okay um they certainly there’s certainly enough activity in the market um we are seeing a lot of people looking at investment properties at the moment aren’t we yes yep still and the other thing we’re probably up ticking with a bit on the moment is commercial so um that’s and that’s a good thing so um yeah it’s worth keeping that in mind if you’re thinking about a commercial property certainly don’t hesitate to reach out and talk to us anyway that’s about it from us say bye Kirsten hi okay peace out bye

Greg Hearn

Greg Hearn

Principal Greg Hearn, an award-winning professional with over 30 years of experience working for and with many of Australia’s largest banks and finance lenders providing residential, commercial as well as plant & equipment finance.

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