Loan Calculators

A handy suite of MFAA calculators to cover almost every financial situation


Greg Hearn Financial Solutions is a proud member of the Mortgage Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) and we are pleased to offer you the use of this handy suite of MFAA calculators to cover almost every financial situation.

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Preparing to Borrow Calculators


This calculator calculates the total accumulation in a savings account with a regular deposit arrangement

Property Buying cost

Help identify all the costs associated with buying a property

Property Selling Cost

Help identify all the costs associated with selling a property

Rent vs Buy

A calculator to help compare the costs of paying a mortgage vs renting a house

Stamp Duty

Helps estimate the major additional cost involved when buying a property

Savings Goal Calculator How Long to Save

Calculate how long it will take to save for your goals based on your current saving rate

Savings Goal: How much to deposit

How much you need to deposit to achieve your savings goal

Credit Card

Work out your savings if you pay more than the minimum payment

Budget Planner

A great tool for those planning to borrow, or even for those just wanting to get their budget in order

Borrowing Power

A tool that will allow you to calculate your borrowing capacity based on your current situation

Finance Calculators

Lump Sum

This calculator helps you estimate how much time and interest you can save over the life of your loan if you make a one-off lump sum repayment into your loan facility.

Split Loan

Work out the costs of splitting your loan into a fixed and variable loan

Reverse Mortgage

See how much equity you can access in your home and calculate the costs of the loan

Mortgage switch

This tool will show how much you could save by switching your Home Loan between lenders

Loan Comparisons

Compare the monthly repayments for two different loans

Loan Repayment

A tool that will show you the monthly repayments on your new loan


A guide to repayments for when you take out vehicle or equipment finance

Introductory rate

Compare the loan repayment amount during the introductory period vs standard rates

Interest Only Mortgage

Determine what your repayments will be, before and after, your interest only period

How long to repay

Helps show how long it would take you to repay a loan using different repayment amounts

Home Loan Offset

Calculate how many years you could take off your loan by using an offset sub-account

Fortnightly & Weekly repayment

A handy tool to work out your interest savings if you were to pay weekly or fortnightly instead of monthly

Extra repayment

Helps you see the financial benefit of making extra payments on your loan

Compound Interest

See how much your interest earnings can grow over time

Comparison Rate

Compare the monthly repayments for two different loans

Tax & Income Calculators

Income Tax

A handy tool designed to help you estimate your tax liability based on income levels

Income Gross Up

Work out your estimated annual gross income using your net pay figure

Income Annualisation

Work out your estimated annual income from the money you’ve received so far this year