Commercial Loans

Finding the right lender, the best finance structure and putting together a complete package takes knowledge and experience

Not everything’s a house.

Buildings come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but they still have to be paid for and that’s where we come in.

We weren’t born yesterday!

With an extensive background in business and corporate banking, as well as commercial property finance (including development finance), we are confident we have specific expertise in your commercial lending space.

Our expert team:

  • is equipped with the knowledge and terms required when dealing with a commercial loan,
  • comprehends the requirements of the law/lenders and accounting requirements, and
  • has 30 years of experience working for and with some of Australia’s leading finance lenders.


A commercial property loan is secured against a commercial property instead of a residential property. 

What is the average interest rate for commercial property loans?

Like other types of loans, such as renovation loans and short-term property loans, commercial mortgage rates depend on a multitude of factors. Interest rates for a commercial property loan in Australia will depend on your loan amount, term, property equity, and credit score.

What type of property can I use for my commercial property loan?

You can use a commercial property loan for all types of business or commercial purposes. For example, you could borrow funding secured over wharehoues, industrial building, shop fronts, commercial offices and so on. You can also borrow for business purposes or commercial use but secure it on a residential property. 


Development finance is funding for the purpose of comprehensive renovations or major new building projects. Examples include luxury homes, housing estates, or office blocks to be converted into apartments. Funding can be for residential, commercial and mixed use properties. Development finance is not used for smaller scale developments like the ones you see on TV where developers improve a house and “flip” it or sell it for a profit.

Type and Duration

Development finance typically operates as an interest-only, draw-down facility and the term of the loan would typically be 6 to 18 months, depending on the size and nature of the project. Usually the interest on a development loan is capitalised within the development period, with the entire loan inclusive of interest charged being repaid upon the sale of the property. Usually the interest can be capitalised into the loan, so there are no monthly payments.

Interest Rate

There aren’t usually set rates for property development finance, so it’s a good idea to talk to a commercial broker who will find the best rate for your proposition. Lenders will assess each application and will set a rate according to the strength of the development proposition and the track record of the borrower.


Before seeking finance, it is important to finalise all planning consents and have all relevant documentation available. That’s because development funding without full planning consent can be difficult to secure, unless the borrower is highly experienced and has already completed a number of successful development projects.


There are occasions where your business and/or property investments need a consultant to assist with your existing lender or negotiate terms with the new lender. Greg has had experience and has assisted many clients to negotiate better terms with predominantly their existing lender but also potentially a new lender. This is done on a fee-for-service basis and if this interests you please contact Greg directly on 0421 689 999.

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